The relationships of AP-5.



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The Mystery of Chopper Base 10

AP-5 and Chopper.

As an imperial droid, AP-5's first impression of Chopper was that he was a rebel droid. But, after finding out that he was once a Republic droid that served in the same battle as he did; The battle of Ryloth; AP-5 began to respect Chopper. He grew even closer to him when Chopper removed his restraining bolt. After helping Chopper take an Imperial Cargo Ship, Chopper assured that the Rebels will treat him better then the Empire because they are friends. When AP-5 sacrificed himself, Chopper was deeply hurt and allowed Sabine to use components from his replacement leg to repair him. After that AP-5 became a Phoenix Squadron droid and served along side Chopper.

Their relationship is similar to R2-D2 and C-3PO's relationship.

Garazeb Orrelios

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