"My gut tells me this is a trap!"
―Zeb's realization
The Honorable Ones 17

Zeb vs Kallus on board the Imperial Construction Module.

The Ghost Crew were ambushed by the Empire in an Imperial Construction Module that orbited Geonosis. The rebels boarded the construction module while investigation intelligence reports from the Rebellion that the Empire had been constructing something over Geonosis. When the rebels boarded one of the construction modules, they were quickly attacked by Agent Kallus and several Stormtroopers. The rebels fought their way back to the Ghost, but Zeb remained locked in single combat with Agent Kallus. The Ghost departed while Zeb headed for an Escape Pod, but he was followed by Kallus, who also boarded the departing pod.

The Ghost and Imperial forces engaged in a firefight outside of the module, a fight that damaged the escape pod and sent it crashing to Bahryn, an icy moon of Geonosis. Zeb and Kallus were forced to work together in order to survive. In the process, they learned more about one another's pasts and motivations, and Kallus began to recognize the cold realities of serving in the Empire.


Season Two

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