But I like this gun!
Garazeb Orrelios

Anti-ship batteries were gun emplacements used by the Galactic Empire to defend vital installations, such as the Spire on Stygeon Prime.


Rise of the Old Masters

The Imperial prison known as "the Spire" was heavily defended by Anti-ship batteries and TIE Fighters. One of these batteries was used to ward off the Phantom during an incursion made by the Lothal rebels, but it was destroyed by Zeb Orrelios.

Call to Action

Call to action 25

Zeb Orrelios commandeers an Anti-ship battery.

The Imperial Communications Tower on Lothal was fortified with three Anti-ship batteries outside its main entrance. When the rebels infiltrated the tower, intending to use it to send a message to the citizens, Zeb commandeered one of the batteries to cover his allies. He later fired the turret at the incoming Imperial reinforcements―successfully shooting down one of the Imperial Patrol Transports―before it was destroyed by an Imperial Troop Transport.


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