The Relationships of Arihnda Pryce.



Thrawn and Price

Pryce and Thrawn.

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Pryce and Thrawn apparently share a positive relationship as Thrawn obliged Pryce's request to aid in dealing with the Rebels as a personal favor. Pryce holds Thrawn in high regard, higher than Agent Kallus or Admiral Konstantine, and her faith in Thrawn's abilities as a military leader are completely justified by his brilliance in stratagems and tactics as well as his recent promotion to Grand Admiral of his Imperial Fleet.

Her faith in Thrawn extends to agreeing with his decision to allow the Rebels to escape with their "meager reward" in order to track down the primary Rebel forces so as to defeat the Rebellion as a whole rather than merely eliminate a single cell or strike force from which they would eventually recover.

Their positive relationship ended when she destroyed the fuel depot to kill Kanan Jarus, and compromised the TIE Defender, she was promised punishment once Thrawn returned from Coruscant.


Sabine Wren

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Agent Kallus

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Kallus & Pryce

Pryce and Kallus.

Governor Pryce and Kallus are not on the best of terms, as Pryce treats Kallus like an underling and holds him in low regard due to his failures in dealing with the Lothal Rebels.