Zero Hour 39

The Battle of Atollon was a battle that took place on Atollon between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire after Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered the location of Chopper Base.

After the transmission from Fulcrum, the Seventh Fleet arrived, and Sato set the fleet into defense formation, gunships and corvettes taking the front, with the frigates and the nest giving cover to the transports. Dodonna ordered the fleet to jump and scatter, rendezvousing at Rally Point Nova, when Sato noted that he still had troops on the surface. Dodonna agreed to jump first, and ordered one of the frigates to lead.

Before the frigate could jump into hyperspace, it was immediately pulled out. Konstantine's Interdictor fired on the frigate, destroying one of the rebel fleet's most powerful ships.

Then the Chimaera exits hyperspace, Thrawn, Pryce, and the captive Kallus watching the frigate go up in flames. Thrawn tells the rebels about not accepting surrender, and the forces on the ground immediately launch to space to support the fleet.

Sato orders the carrier and all other transports to launch fighters, Phoenix Squadron and Green Squadron deploying. The Ghost met them head on, and started engaging the enemy TIE Fighters.

Green Leader ordered Green squadron to engage the Chimaera, and was successful on the first bombing run. The second run was cut off when one of the fighters were shot down.

The Nightbrother, piloted by Ezra and Chopper, fought off some fighters, before witnessing an Alderaan Cruiser getting hit by TIE Bombers.

Several TIE Fighters attack P2, successfully destroying the Hammerhead Corvette.

Sato orders all ships to charge the blockade, with the Dornean Gunships in the lead, along with the Vanguard, the other frigate, and Phoenix Nest providing cover.

The other frigate is instantly destroyed, while the Vanguard sustains several hits. The Orion is destroyed by TIE Fighters.

Thrawn orders the Star Destroyers to stay put, and wait for the rebels to come to them. Konstantine asks why not move in for the kill, when Thrawn points out how the rebels are unexpected. Konstantine reluctantly follows the Grand Admiral's orders to stay put.

Ezra notes how the Seventh Fleet is cutting off any potential escape, and an Alderaan Cruiser is gunned down by an Imperial Light Cruiser.

Ezra tells Hera that there's no way to get past with the Interdictors blocking their path. Sato watches as another cruiser is destroyed, before telling Ezra and Hera to get ready.

Sato orders the crew of Phoenix Nest to abandon ship and make for Atollon. Two crew members tell the commander that they're staying, and Sato obliges, telling them to man their stations.

Phoenix Nest accelerates towards the Chimaera, and Konstantine sees this. He orders the Interdictor to intercept and attack the carrier. Thrawn orders the Interdictor back, but Konstantine states that, "He's had enough of his games.", and ignores the Grand Admiral.

Hera orders Ezra to prep the hyperdrive, as Phoenix Nest, the Vanguard, and a Dornean Gunship close in on the blockade, drawing away more attention from the rest of the fleet.

Sato waits for the Interdictor, its shields holding up against the batteries of the other Star Destroyers, before steering the carrier towards the Interdictor. Konstantine tries to evade, but the carrier was already closing in.

Everyone watches in horror and shock as Phoenix Nest rammed itself against the Interdictor. Hera orders Ezra to jump, with an opening in the blockade closing, with the second Interdictor heading his way.

The Nightbrother jumps into hyperspace, just as the Vanguard is completely wiped out. Their last support ship is destroyed, and the remainder of the fleet retreats back to Chopper Base.


Season Three

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