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Cadets, you enter this facility as children, and in a few short weeks, you will leave as soldiers.
Cumberlayne Aresko[src]

Cadets were aspiring soldiers, who were enrolled in the Imperial Academy

Cadets were trained to one day become stormtroopers, for the Galactic Empire. Cadets usually trained over the span of a few weeks, and primarily ranged from children to pre-teens. Top level cadets would wear helmets decorated with different-colored markings.


The Well

Many of the field training included a pit arena known as the Well where cadets had to climb out at timing speeds. The first three to make out would be declared the winner and receive a reward by high ranking Imperial Officers.

The key to climb out of the Well was to jump from platform to platform as they move about and to make things more challenging: each moving platform was armed with a harmless electrical shock trap, to keep them up to pace.

Later tests involving the Well would involve using blasters to activate the platforms necessary to climb out. Some cadets such as Oleg were known to shoot their own in a self desire to win.

Notable Cadets


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