Coburn Sear was a Kage Warrior who worked with the CIS during the Clone Wars. He was the brother of Rackham Sear.


The Clone Wars

Sear was part of the Confederate Droid forces on Kardoa. There, alongside Generals Grievous and Kleeve, he saw surveillance from a Recon droid confirming the Republic's presence on Kardoa. Kleeve and Grievous then left Sear to deal with Jedi General Depa Billaba's clone battalion. Sear then led the attack, separating Billaba from her battalion and apprentice, Caleb Dume. However, Sear was forced to retreat when Billaba and a couple of troopers attacked his transport shuttles. Sear then went to Mygeeto and joined Grievous in the third battle for that world. Sear, Grievous, and their forces then attacked Billaba's base. There he killed clone trooper "Stance" in front of Dume. He then confronted Dume as Grievous confronted Billaba. Dume then fought Sear to avenge "Stance". They fought until Dume slashed at his flamethrower. Sear was then offered a chance to surrender, but refused. Unfortunately, Sear inadvertently lit himself on fire. He attempted to take Dume with him but died when went off a side of a cliff.



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