A shower of sparks flew from the freighter's underside. Other vessels hung back, fearful it might explode.
―The Cynda Dreaming, after colliding with the Ultimatum

The Cynda Dreaming was a small vessel, which was associated with the Moonglow corporation. The freighter was part of the Calladan crew and was headed by a Hammerhead.

The freighter saw its end at the hands of the Galactic Empire, when it accidentally came out of hyperspace and crashed into the Ultimatum. While both ships survived the crash, the Cynda Dreaming was left with severe damage and, according to one of its crew members, would have required up to two months to repair. Aboard the Ultimatum, Count Vidian then ordered Commander Nibiru Chamas to open fire on the vessel. Chamas carried out the order, killing the ship's entire crew in the process.

At the time of its destruction, the Cynda Dreaming was heading to Cynda to pick up a load of thorilide. The crew then planned on refining the thorilide at Calladan Chemworks, on Gorse.


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