DC-17 hand blaster
Production Information
Manufacturer: BlasTech Industries
Type: Blaster Pistol
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Users: Rex
Gobi Glie

The DC-17 hand blaster was a pistol manufactured by BlasTech Industries, used around the galaxy.

It was primarily carried by Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars, often in pairs. The blasters were used notably by high ranking troopers, such as Clone Captain Rex, who continued to wield two of them even after the war's end. Numa and Gobi Glie, Twi'lek rebels, also used the blasters.


The pistol was small enough to be placed in a drop leg holster, and could be dual wielded. A single blaster charge lasted 50 shots, and Clone Troopers would often customize them with personal designs and colors.


Season Two

Season Three

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