Forget the old way.
―Vidian's catchphrase[src]

Count Denetrius Vidian, born Lemuel Tharsa, was a male human cyborg who served as one of the Emperor's allies in the initial years of the Galactic Empire's reign.



At some point, Vidian suffered a deadly disease, that left him nearly fatally wounded. He survived, however, and was rebuilt into a cyborg body. After his transformation, he began to serve the Empire, aware of their unparalleled power.

A New Dawn

Not long after the rise of the Galactic Empire, Vidian was being brought to the harsh mining world of Gorse, aboard the Imperial Ultimatum. He had been tasked by the Emperor with improving the efficiency of thorilide mining, and processing operations on the planet and it's moon, Cynda.

Vidian was granted control of the mining colony of Gorse and its moon Cynda, key to the Empire'e expansion of its fleet. Planning to destroy Cynda in an unusual scheme to undermine his business rival Lero Danthe, Vidian was killed by a miner freedom fighter named Skelly aboard the Forager.

Personality and Traits

Part machine, part man, Vidian had undergone a range of modifications. His voice for instance, was completely interchangeable, through a special voice prosthetic. Much of Vidian's body, such as his arms and legs, were armor-plated. His mangled face had been covered with a synthetic skin, and his eyes were implanted with glowing yellow irises, sitting in "seas of red".


  • Vidian once used the voice of Darth Vader, while seeking to find the most motivational voice in the business sector.