Evac One, originally known as Transport Ship 63378, was a Gozanti-class Cruiser, modified to be an Imperial Freighter. It was stolen by the Ghost crew to rescue their leader, Kanan Jarrus, from the Mustafar System.


The ship was known to the Empire as Transport Ship 63378. It was stolen by the Ghost Crew to rescue Kanan, from the Mustafar System. Sabine Wren made a distraction at a Lothal hangar while her fellow rebels absconded with the cruiser. They then added their previously stolen TIE Fighter in order to enter the system. They rendezvoused with the Sovereign for the rescue, leaving C1-10P to pilot it. After rescuing Kanan, they fled the Imperial Star Destroyer, but Chopper had left with the transport. He then returned leading a Rebel Fleet, and together they escaped the system.


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Season One

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