The relationships of Ezra Bridger.


Ephraim Bridger and Mira Bridger

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Ezra's parents!

Ezra and his parents.

Ezra loved his parents deeply. After his parents were taken away by the Empire, he was heartbroken. In later years after Ezra joined the Ghost Crew, he continued to miss his parents very much. But after Sabine gave him a picture of him and his parents, he started to let go. When the Empire destroyed his old house, Ezra was seen upset that all the memories he had with his parents was gone. Ezra's possibly trying to live up to his parents. Ezra was heartbroken when he learned that his parents had been killed during a prison break.

Meeting Maul, Ezra claimed he wanted justice for the deaths of his parents, but the former Sith twisted Ezra's feelings towards revenge.


Kanan Jarrus

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Ezra and Kanan Hug

Kanan took Ezra into his "family", otherwise known as the crew of the Ghost. Kanan quickly learns of his Force abilities and began to train Ezra as his apprentice. Ezra views Kanan as a father and their bond is by far their strongest, as both of them need each other to achieve their full potential. When Kanan thought Ezra had fallen to his death, he fought The Inquisitor with both his and Ezra's lightsabers to avenge him but with a renewed focus, showing that Kanan has come to care for Ezra deeply. After the Ghost Crew joined the Rebellion he didn't share Ezra's point of view on trusting Captain Rex but he was willing to save him in the end. He also doesn't like it when Ezra's right.  

Recently, however, tension grew between teacher and student, seen during a sparring match when Ezra was frustrated by his inability to best Kanan, and when he couldn't connect with the Krykna Spiders, and Kanan lecturing his student, which irritated Ezra more. This tension was exploited by Maul and caused a wider gap between Kanan and Ezra.

However, upon seeing his teacher blind and needing his help, Ezra felt guilty and apologetic to Kanan. After being blinded on Malachor, Kanan struggled emotionally, distancing himself from the rest of the Ghost crew. After discovering that his Padawan had been using the Sith Holocron, the two began to conflict once again. Although Ezra believed that he could use it for good, Kanan disagreed and told his student that he wouldn't allow him to keep it. In a moment of anger, Ezra told him that he didn't need the Holocron or him. When Ezra's own reckless actions almost got killed, Kanan (and Hera) came to his rescue. When Ezra thanked Kanan for coming back, he responded by saying that he'd always come back. While inside the cave on Atollon, Ezra apologized to Kanan for what happened on Malachor. Kanan assured Ezra that he never blamed him, and told him that he needed to forgive himself. Ezra responded by saying, "yes, Master", and hugging him. When Ezra and Maul attempted to join the two Holocrons, Kanan reminded his student of the Bendu's warning, telling him to look away before it was too late. When the resulting explosion knocked Ezra unconscious, Kanan was deeply concerned for his Padawan, encouraging him to find his way out and come back to them. Ezra was very concerned about Kanan when he was possessed by one of the Night Sister ghosts. Ezra was more concerned about his master than the possibility that he would be possessed as well. He even went as far as making a deal with the spirit (that she could have him if she let Kanan go). Although they don't always agree with each other, Ezra still trusts Kanan more than anyone else.

Sabine Wren

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Sabine & Ezra's Secret

Ezra and Sabine.

As the two youngest members of the crew of the Ghost, Ezra and Sabine were good friends. Ezra instantly developed a crush on Sabine the moment she first revealed her beauty to him. However, she disregarded his awkward attraction to her. Over time, she came to see Ezra as a good friend, teammate, and a younger brother. She is very protective of his well-being. She even went as far as obtaining and cleaning out a hologram file of Ezra and his parents and was instrumental in helping Ezra confront his demons about his parents' whereabouts. Since "Gathering Forces", Ezra and Sabine's relationship has grown a great deal, as it's been shown that Sabine cares enough about Ezra's feelings to know when to stop talking about his parents when he enters a room. Sabine has shown that she has complete trust in Ezra, as she was willing to let him lead her and Zeb on a mission to find Kanan, even behind Hera's back. Sabine has also been shown that she doesn't like it when Ezra uses his powers to threaten people, as he did to Vizago. Showing that she wants Ezra to follow the right path. Ezra trusted Sabine enough not to tell Hera that he and Zeb didn't crash the stolen TIE Fighter. The two even worked on the TIE together behind everyone's back. Despite Sabine's protective side of Ezra, she does occasionally like to tease him, as she had Chopper lock down his feet to make Ezra believe that he couldn't lift him, and even said she "knows what he smells like". It is shown that Ezra is willing to sacrifice his own life for Sabine's safety. They often tease each other and joke around, with Ezra occasionally cracking jokes on missions. Since Ezra has lately refrained from attemping to flirt with Sabine the way he used to whenever he was around her, he might not have a crush on her anymore.

Since Ezra started becoming more aggressive, Sabine has been shown to be worried and a little bit snippy with him, and arguing against his rather aggressive methods.

When Sabine went undercover to find the three pilots (Wedge, Rake, and Hobbie), Ezra was extremely concerned about her safety. He hated being unable to do anything to help her. When Kanan asked Ezra if he trusted her, Ezra told him that he did, to which Kanan then impressed into Ezra that he must learn to accept there are things outside his control, insinuating to Ezra that he had to trust Sabine could handle herself.

When Ezra was captured by Saxon, and Rau disagreed with saving him and called him a pawn, Sabine corrected him, saying Ezra wasn't a pawn, and she had total confidence he could take care of himself. After the mission, Ezra had a newfound respect for Sabine. Sometime afterwards, during a mission above Wynkahthu, Sabine was relieved when Zeb saved Ezra and himself from a fatal fall, though she seemed somewhat more concerned about Ezra.

Sabine (along with Kanan and the others) were concerned about Ezra when he began to hear and see Maul. When Ezra tried to kill a fellow rebel (because he'd mistaken him for Maul), she tried (unsuccessfully) to hold him back. Once Kanan had helped Ezra realize that the man wasn't Maul, he was scared and confused, prompting Sabine to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. Following Kanan's orders, she placed a tracker on Ezra's comlink (without him knowing). She and Kanan followed Ezra and Maul to Dathomir to help him. Despite Ezra's warning, Sabine (and Kanan) opened fire on the Nightsister ghosts. Ezra was very concerned when Sabine and Kanan were possessed by the spirits. After fighting with and freeing Sabine, Ezra warned her not to go back into the cave. Despite Sabine's concern, Ezra ran back in to save Kanan. Afterwards, Ezra was upset at Sabine for going back into the cave anyway and admonished her for not listening to him. However, Sabine pointed out that she'd never listened to him before, and asked him why she should start now.

When Rau and Kanan proposed that Sabine train in the use of the Darksaber in hopes of using it to rally Mandalorians to join the Rebellion, Ezra expressed skepticism at her ability to master the weapon without the Force. Despite this, he assisted in her training, going over the basic saber forms with her and then sparring with her. The two bickered during a few of these exchanges, though their relationship remained amicable; Ezra would later go after her when a loss to Kanan prompted her to storm off. Ezra offered his sympathies but was promptly informed that he had no idea what she was going through at the prospect of facing her family; acknowledging this, Ezra pointed out that she was at least fortunate enough to still have her family. This cooled Sabine's temper and made her apologetic, and she subsequently returned to Kanan and apologized; after she revealed the truth about her past with the Empire, Ezra joined Kanan and Rau in expressing his support for her.

In the final episode of Rebels Recon, Dave Filoni explained that the reason why Ezra and Sabine didn’t get together at the point of the series finale was because he felt that it was more important to show that two people can have a strong connection, without being in a relationship.

Besides Kanan, Sabine is the second closest person to Ezra.

Garazeb Orrelios

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Zeb and ezra buddies

Ezra and Zeb.

Ezra and Zeb started off as rivals, with Zeb treating him as an outcast. They were competing against each other as well as Chopper constantly. Their relationship evolved over time, however, as the two of them became close friends and began going on missions together, as well as still having the occasional tussle. Zeb showed concern for Ezra when he decided not to go on a mission during Empire Day. Zeb later questioned why Ezra's parents would risk everything, showing that he feels bad for what had happened to Ezra. Zeb has shown that he has complete trust in Ezra, as he was willing to let him lead him and Sabine on a mission to find Kanan, even behind Hera's back. After Kanan and Sabine, Zeb is the third closest person to Ezra.

Hera Syndulla

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Vision of hope 22

Ezra and Hera.

Hera serves as a mother-figure to the crew of the Ghost, especially to Ezra. They care for each other but Hera is willing to be firm and have Ezra pull his own weight, and is often able to convince him to be a better person. When Ezra led the others in a bid to find Kanan, she was not happy with him, but when their efforts paid off she praised Ezra for stepping up and that Kanan had taught him well. Ezra added that she had done the same. After finding out that Hondo's business partner, Terba, was killed during the rescue mission that Ezra had been in charge of, she scolded the teen for not knowing all of the details beforehand. Ezra argued with her, before storming out of the room. Later, when Commander Sato promoted Ezra to Lieutenant Commander, Hera told Ezra that Kanan would be proud. However, his master's absence caused Ezra to doubt her. She was upset with Ezra when she found out that he'd turned a recon mission into a recovery mission. Upon finding out that Ezra was in danger, Hera and Kanan flew to Reklem Station to rescue him. Later, she scolded Ezra for his reckless actions. Although Ezra apologized to her, Hera suspended him of his command. Ezra was deeply concerned about Hera when she (along with Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper) had been captured and held hostage by Maul. After being freed by Kanan, the first thing she did was ask about Ezra. When the boy had been knocked unconscious after attempting to fuse the two Holocrons, Hera deeply concerned for him. When Hera assigned Sabine to a solo mission to SkyStrike Academy to find the three pilots (Wedge, Rake, and Hobby), Ezra suggested that they send him instead since he'd done it before. Hera disagreed, saying that the Empire knows who he is and that he and Kanan would shadow them until she and the others needed to escape.


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Chopper ROTOM 13

Ezra and Chopper.

Ezra and Chopper first met when Ezra was sneaking around in the Ghost near Kanan's room. Though Chopper barely knew him, he seemed to agree with Hera to go rescue him when he was captured by the Empire. Chopper loves to play pranks on both Ezra and Zeb forming a rivalry between them. Though over time it's shown that the two have formed a friendship as seen when they were trying to rescue Kanan and Chopper went along with his plan and Ezra having faith in him that he will succeed in his part of the mission. Since that mission, Ezra and Chopper's friendship has grown more, as Chopper was worried about Ezra when he started to wonder who he should really be. When Ezra found out his parent died during an escape attempt in an Imperial prison, Chopper comforted Ezra along with Kanan.

Cikatro Vizago

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Jai Kell

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Zare Leonis

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Empire Day 23

Ezra and Tseebo.

Tseebo was a close friend to Ezra's parents but didn't help them when the Empire came and took them away, which angered Ezra greatly. Tseebo tried to make it up to Ezra by accessing Imperial files to find out what happened to Ezra's parents and accidentally downloaded half of the Empire's secrets. When Ezra was trying to let go of his fear to connect to the Fyrnocks, he contacted Tseebo through the force telling him that he forgave him and Tseebo saying that he is also is sorry for everything. Before Tseebo left with Fulcrum, Tseebo hoped that he will see Ezra again.


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Rebels Season Two - Mid-Season 15

Ezra and Yoda.

After Ezra confronted his fears at the Lothal Jedi Temple, Yoda contacted him through the Force and tested Ezra himself. Yoda asked Ezra why he must be a Jedi and Ezra told him that he wished to protect his friends, as well as the innocent. Pleased with the answer, Yoda gave him a Kyber Crystal as a reward and was hopeful for Ezra's future. The two later met again when Ezra revisited the temple with Kanan and Ahsoka, with the Jedi Master warning Ezra about the danger of his growing power and the lure of the dark side. Yoda was visibly disappointed when Ezra expressed his determination to fight, but then instructed him and his companions to "Find Malachor".

Lando Calrissian

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Ahsoka Tano

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One chapter has closed for you, Ezra Bridger. This is a new day. A new beginning.
―Ahsoka talking about Ezra's future.[src]

Ezra and Ahsoka.

Before Ezra and Ahsoka met, he had only known her by the name "Fulcrum". After Kanan was captured by the Empire Ahsoka told Hera to take her crew into hiding in order to protect Ezra. Ahsoka later saved Ezra and the rest of the Ghost Crew from the Empire on Mustafar. After fleeing the battle Ezra finally met Ahsoka on board the Ghost, where she tells Ezra that his message has given hope to people in need and that one chapter in his journey has closed. After receiving a message from Maketh Tua that she needed help, Ahsoka was seen smiling at Ezra when he stepped up and said they need to help Tua, and Ahsoka agreed with him. After Darth Vader attacked the fleet, Ezra showed concern for Ahsoka, asking if she was okay (heard she fainted during the battle).

Ahsoka seems to see a bit of herself in Ezra, and Ezra seems to have great faith and confidence in Ahsoka, readily trusting Rex on her behalf and correctly believing she could take care of herself when she fought two Inquisitors at once.

When Ahsoka sacrificed herself to give Ezra and Kanan more time to escape from Darth Vader, Ezra was devastated and mourned her loss for a long time afterward. It is later revealed that he blames himself for her apparent death.

Captain Rex

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You were brave today, kid. You jumped right in there to help. A great Jedi once told me that the best leaders lead by example. You do that well.
―Rex's opinion of Ezra after they caught the Joopa[src]
Rex and Ezra

Ezra and Rex.

Ezra finds Rex very interesting because of his past as a soldier and being in the Clone Wars. While Kanan refuses to trust Rex, Ezra believes they can. Ezra seems to be the bridge between Rex and Kanan because of Kanan's mistrust to clones. He was also willing to teach Ezra on how to man the AT-TE's turret. Ezra was the most saddened when the Rebels were forced to leave the clones behind and was the happiest to save them. Rex seems to see potential in Ezra as a leader. Rex may see a little of Anakin and Ahsoka in Ezra.

Hondo Ohnaka

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Ezra, you truly are, a Jedi.
―Hondo believing in Ezra's potential.[src]

Ezra and Hondo.

Hondo and Ezra met on false pretenses, Hondo claiming to have won Vizago's ship and droids in a bet, Ezra introducing himself as "Lando Calrissian". They appeared to hit it off due to both individuals' pasts engaging in illicit activities, but Ezra appeared not so trusting of Hondo whereas Hondo came to like Ezra (disregarding, and actually approving of the fact he lied about his identity) and wished to recruit the boy when he identified him as a Jedi.

When all the secrets were out, however, Hondo and Ezra parted on confusing terms though not antagonistic. Ezra saw his experience with Hondo as a reminder of the person he used to be, and perhaps an example of what he might have become had he not joined the Ghost crew.

Hondo seems to believe in Ezra's ability to become a Jedi.

Hondo and Ezra's relationship took a rocky turn during "Legends of the Lasat". After Hondo was captured by the Empire, he led them to the Crew because of the tracking device he hid in Ezra's transmitter. Because of this, it's unknown if Ezra is still on good terms with Hondo.

In "The Wynkahthu Job", Ezra was the only member of the "Ghost" crew who was willing to work with Hondo. Ezra was offended by Hera's desicion to put Zeb in charge of the mission, and argued that he should be in charge since he'd gotten the information first. However, Hera didn't trust Ezra's judgment when Hondo was involved. Eventually, Ezra realized that Hondo cared very little about his "partners", and expressed his disappointment in the Weequay.

Jun Sato

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Ryder Azadi

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When he was still Governor of Lothal, Ryder supported the anti-Imperial broadcasts sent out by Ezra's parents, and for that reason, he was sent to prison with them after being found guilty of treason by the Empire. He escaped eight years later in the breakout the Bridgers were inspired to stage by the message sent out by Ezra.

Leia Organa

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A Princess on Lothal 18

Ezra and Leia.

Leia and Ezra met while the latter was undercover alongside Kanan, and at first, it was prickly. Later on, Leia learned a little more about Ezra (and of the deaths of his parents) and they came to an understanding, that even though she was a princess she felt because she could fight, she had to, for those who could not. Something she felt made them both similar. They parted with Ezra shooting Leia with a stun-blast to maintain their cover, but it was on good terms.


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When Ezra first met Klik-Klak, the last Geonosian survivor, the two initially engaged in a game of cat and mouse, with Ezra and his friends eventually managing to captured him. However, Ezra quickly realized that Klik-Klak was afraid of them and befriended him. He was shocked and angered by Saw Gerrea's harsh treatment of Kilk-Klah and insisted that he stay where he belonged. When Kilk-Klak left, Ezra expressed hope that he could find a safe place to hatch the Geonosian queen egg he had found and thus give his species a second chance at life.

Morad Sumar

Morad Sumar

Morad Sumar was an old friend of Ezra's parents. Despite the fact that they don't spend much time together, Ezra respects Sumar, and seems to consider him a good friend, too. In the episode "Fighter Flight", Ezra runs into Morad while he and Zeb are on a supply run. After seeing that Sumar and his wife had been captured by Imperials, Ezra convinced Zeb to help them. After freeing the Sumar, Ezra didn't see Morad again until he and Kanan returned to Lothal to meet up with Ryder Azadi. After outrunning the Imperials, they arrived at Azadi's hideout, where Ezra was reunited with Sumar once again. Later, Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, Morad disguised themselves as workers and suck into the factory. During an investigation of the factory, Grand Admiral Thrawn revealed that he was aware that many of the speeder bikes had been tampered with. Ezra could do nothing but watch as Thrawn had Morad test one of the speeders. Ezra was shocked and horrified when Morad was killed during the test.

Agent Kallus

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I warn you, do not underestimate that boy.
―Kallus' warning to Brom Titus about Ezra.[src]

In Spark of Rebellion, Kallus arranged a trap for the Lothal Rebels onboard an Imperial freighter falsely believed to be carrying wookie prisoners. Though his attempts to capture the rebel group failed, he captured Ezra Bridger and planned to use him as bait to capture the rest of the rebels. Ezra escaped Kallus' clutches and reunited with the rebels when they came to rescue him. Later on in Stealth Strike, Kallus warned Brom Titus not to underestimate Ezra, whom he had recently captured. He was amused by the fact that though Titus had heeded his warning, he failed to hold onto his Jedi captive and that the boy had managed to destroy the Admiral's star destroyer. Kallus acknowledges Ezra's Jedi abilities and considers him a worthy opponent. After Kallus grew disillusioned of the Empire, he helped Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper escape from the Imperial Lothal Weapons factory. Also in Through Imperial Eyes the Rebellion though the Empire was on to Kallus, so Ezra got captured in order to rescue Kallus before the Empire finds out he is Fulcrum. In that episode they worked together to prevent Thrawn from knowing the location of their rebel base.


The Grand Inquisitor

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Are you paying attention, boy? The Jedi are dead! But there is another path. The dark side.
―Grand Inquisitor giving Ezra the choice of follow either the bright path or the dark.[src]
Path of the jedi 1

Ezra and The Grand Inquisitor.

The Grand Inquisitor had an interest (albeit a passing one) in Ezra that appeared to become a desire to make Ezra his apprentice despite being enemies. The Inquisitor tried to sway Ezra to turn to the Dark Side and threatened to destroy all that the boy cares about, which provoked Ezra into briefly giving into the Dark Side. The Inquisitor seemed to respect Ezra as a worthy opponent. However, when Ezra was fighting The Inquisitor with Kanan in a Star Destroyer's reactor room, he had no problem pushing Ezra off the ledge to his supposed death.

Gall Trayvis

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Darth Vader

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Your master has deceived you, into believing you can become a Jedi.
―Darth Vader talking about Ezra's potential.[src]

Ezra and Darth Vader.

Darth Vader contacted The Inquisitor about a new threat rising against the Emperor; The children of the force. It is possible that Ezra was one of those threats that Vader was talking about. During a mission to rescue Maketh Tua, Ezra started to feel Vader's presence on Lothal, resulting in him becoming extremely cold. Later when the rebels were trying to leave aboard an Imperial Shuttle, Ezra again felt Vader's presence through the force; who was right behind them. Ezra and Kanan then went into a death battle with Vader. During the battle Vader had Ezra pinned, about to cut his throat with his own lightsaber, until Kanan distracted Vader saving Ezra's life. Ezra narrowly escaped with the others. Later, during Vader's attack on the Rebel fleet, Ezra once again felt Vader's presence and started to feel cold again. Ezra, once again narrowly escaped Vader's grasp. Vader might see some potential in Ezra's abilities, as he was telling him that his master deceived him into believing he can become a Jedi, implying that he might want to turn Ezra to the Dark Side.

Ezra admired Anakin Skywalker's abilities with a lightsaber, and even watched his training recordings for his own training.

When they met again on Malachor, Vader was curious as to how Ezra (a mere Jedi Padawan) could have unlocked the secrets of the Sith Temple, but ultimately decided it was irrelevant, as he intended to claim the temple in the name of his master. When Ezra claimed he was not afraid of the Sith Lord, Vader simply retorted "then you will die braver than most" and easily destroyed the padawan's lightsaber, and mocked him by saying perhaps he was wrong that Ezra would indeed die without fear, and would have killed him had not Ahsoka arrived. When Ahsoka declared there were no more Jedi because Vader and his inquisitors had hunted them down, Vader threatened to interrogate Ezra for the information he desired.

The Fifth Brother

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Rebels Season Two - Mid-Season 06

Ezra vs The Fifth Brother.

The Fifth Brother encountered Ezra on an abandoned Republic Medical Station, where he attempted to kill Ezra after the latter got Sabine to escape so he could face him and the Seventh Sister alone, but the Sister stopped the Brother and convinced him to take Ezra hostage. It would seem that, unlike the Grand Inquisitor, he would like to have Ezra dead instead of as an apprentice.

The Seventh Sister

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Such a noble act. Just like a Jedi.
―Seventh Sister commenting on Ezra's nobility.[src]

Ezra and The Seventh Sister.

The Seventh Sister first encountered Ezra on an abandoned Republic Medical Station, where the two engaged in a quick lightsaber fight, where the Sister takes him hostage. Throughout her interrogation, she taunted Ezra about being scared and having no one to train him. But it would seem, like the Grand Inquisitor, she would like to have Ezra as an apprentice and even acknowledges his skills as a Jedi.

Ezra quickly developed an intense dislike towards the Seventh Sister, expressing annoyance at her attempts to seduce him. However, despite his dislike for her, he could not bring himself to strike her down when he had the chance and even felt sympathy when Maul murdered the helpless Inquisitor.


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Forget the past! Forget your memories! Forget your attachments. Our futures converge on a planet with two suns. We can walk that path together! As friends. As brothers.
―Maul trying to convince Ezra to come with him.[src]
Star Wars Rebels Season Three 27

Ezra and Maul.

When they met, Maul pretended to be a weak old outcast and won Ezra's sympathy by sharing his losses at the hands of the Sith. He slowly but surely gained the boy's confidence and pressured him into opening himself to the Dark Side for power and revenge even though Ezra claimed he just wanted justice.

Together they succeeded in taking the Sith Holocron from the Temple of Malachor, and Ezra insisted Maul was on their side. Maul shared more secrets of the Dark Side with Ezra, but was disappointed when Ezra refused to strike down the Seventh Sister, leading the former Sith to kill her himself, and admonish Ezra that his hesitation could cost him his life and lives of his friends.

It soon became clear that Maul was indeed using Ezra and sought to have him as his apprentice, but was thwarted by Ezra's master, Kanan. Despite using him, Maul seemed to have a slight fondness for Ezra, expressing confidence in the boy's abilities and even saving his life twice.

Ezra now knows for certain Maul used him, since his teacher was blinded by Maul, and expressed a bitter anger at Maul's treachery when they met again. However, the darkness of the former Sith Lord certainly left its corruption on Ezra, as he was able to open the Sith Holocron, something only capable of through Sith teachings.

Even after his lies and deceit have been made known to Ezra, Maul still regards Ezra as his apprentice and had no qualms holding his friends hostage to get the Sith Holocron (and had no intentions of honoring the agreement of the holocron for the Ghost crew's safety, as he ordered his droids to execute them while he kept Ezra preoccupied).

According to his voice actor, Maul desires Ezra not only as an apprentice, but as a "brother of some sort", indicating that his apparent fondness for Ezra is genuine, but goes on to say that this is from a selfish motivation.

After Ezra made it clear that he would never be Maul's apprentice, Maul finally saw that the bond he thought the two shared was one-sided and scorned Ezra by expressing his disappointment and mockingly laughed as he left Ezra behind and left to find Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Gar Saxon

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Ezra met Gar Saxon on Concord Dawn after Saxon had decimated The Protectors, and attempted to deceive the Imperial Viceroy regarding his true intentions. However, Saxon continued to pressure Ezra to talk, threatening to destroy Chopper if he refused. After Ezra was able to escape with help from Sabine, Saxon and his men attempted to kill the rebels, and it was only Fenn Rau's intervention that prevented their deaths.