The relationships of Fenn Rau.


Kanan Jarrus

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Fenn is respected greatly by Kanan Jarrus as the Protector once saved him and his master's lives during the Clone Wars, though they never met in person. Years later, after Fenn very nearly killed Hera Kanan intended to meet with Fenn personally (with Sabine stowing away) to try and convince Fenn to side with the Rebellion. It didn't go as expected, but after Fenn, sabine, and Ezra saved each other from Gar Saxon, Fenn officially joined the Rebellion, and this led Kanan to confide with Fenn in secret regarding Sabine and her discovery of the Darksaber

Kanan and Fenn treat each other as respected colleagues and fellow warriors despite the history between Mandalorian warriors and Jedi, and agreed that Sabine wielding the Darksaber presented their best chance of swaying Mandalore to join the Rebellion.

Sabine Wren

Trials of the Darksaber 26

Fenn and Sabine.

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Sabine sought revenge against Fenn Rau when the Protector so very nearly killed Hera Syndulla, and challenged him in accordance to the Mandalorian Code. She was able o defeat him in their duel, and worked with Kanan to bring Fenn into the custody of Phoenix Squadron as a "reluctant recruit".

Some time later, she challenged him to a game of Cubikahd, having apparently spent time with him previously, in order to try and convince Fenn to truly join the Rebellion. Fenn was adamant that his loyalty was to Mandalore, and admonished Sabine for apparently forgetting of her heritage. After hearing nothing from The Protectors of Concord Dawn, Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper took Fenn to investigate, only to find Fenn's men had been killed, and he blamed Sabine and the Rebels for holding him against his will so that he couldn't be there to lead his men. Afterwards, after eavsedropping on those responsible, Manalorians allied with the Empire under the command of Gar Saxon, Fenn realized if he'd been there he would've been killed too. So he helped Sabine rescue Ezra but initially left them for dead. Despite this, after everything, Fenn went back to rescue them, and finally committed himself to the Rebel Cause, and stating Sabine had earned his respect for her true Mandalorian Honor in comparison to Saxon's disgrace.

Recently, Fenn, after speaking with Kanan, nominated Sabine to wield the Darksaber in hopes of rallying Mandalore to the Rebellion, and gave her a pair of Mandalorian Vambraces, and learned why Sabine left Mandalore during her lightsaber training. When she expressed doubts in herself, that anyone would ever follow her lead, Fenn stepped forward, pledging to follow her and kneeled in respect.

In Sabine, Fenn sees hope in the Liberation of Mandalore.


Gar Saxon

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Saxon was one of Fenn's enemies, both on and off the political arena, even though Fenn led his Protectors in guarding Concorde Dawn. Saxon saw Fenn as a threat to his power and once he learned the Protectors were allowing Rebels passage he snapped at the opportunity to eliminate his rival.

Saxon and his Commandos attacked the Protectors (while Fenn was being held in the Rebels' custody) and kept watch over Concorde Dawn in case Fenn came back. Once Fenn returned and learned Saxon had always intended to kill him, he officially joined the Rebellion, to avenge his men and because he had come to respect Sabine and how she honored their Mandalorian heritage compared to Saxon's disgrace.

They would meet one last time on Krownest when they accompanied Sabine (in possession of the Darksaber) to rally Clan Wren, and Saxon came to wipe out the clan. Fenn burst into the Clan Wren Stronghold, blasters ablazing and threw Kanan and Ezra their lightsabers which ahd been earlier confiscated by the Wrens, and Saxon saw this as another opportunity to eliminate more of his enemies.

Fenn bore witness as Sabine bested Saxon but chose to spare his life, even though Saxon tried to shoot her in the back, spurring her mother Ursa Wren to save her daughter by shooting Saxon. Saxon died in disgrace while Fenn's men were avenged by Ursa.

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