The relationships of the Fifth Brother.


Darth Vader

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The Fifth Brother served as one of Vader's Dark side adepts, obeying his every command without question. At the bidding of his master, Vader ordered the Brother to partner with the Seventh Sister and continue the Grand Inquisitor's work to hunt down and vanquish the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron they have allied themselves with since Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi and when Ahsoka Tano, Vader's old Padawan, is discovered among them as the Phoenix de facto leader.

Seventh Sister

Shroud of Darkness 01

The Fifth Brother and The Seventh Sister.

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The Seventh Sister served as the Fifth Brother's partner in hunting down Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka. While at times the two don't see eye to eye, they work together quite well. The Fifth Brother tends to pull rank at times, annoying the Seventh Sister. However, the Fifth Brother will rely on the Seventh Sister's instincts and if the situation calls for it, follow her orders.

Kassius Konstantine

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Agent Kallus

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Eighth Brother

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Ezra Bridger

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Rebels Season Two - Mid-Season 06

The Fifth Brother vs Ezra.

The Fifth Brother encountered Ezra on an abandoned Republic Medical Station, where he attempted to kill Ezra after the latter got Sabine to escape so he could face him and the Seventh Sister alone, but the Sister stopped the Brother and convinced him to take Ezra hostage. It would seem that, unlike the Grand Inquisitor, he would like to have Ezra dead instead of as an apprentice.

Sabine Wren

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Always Two There Are 37

The Fifth Brother threatening to decapitate Sabine.

Sabine and Ezra encountered the Fifth Brother during a mission with Zeb to find medical supplies. When she got separated from Ezra, she and Zeb tried to set a trap for the Inquisitor, only for him to use their trap against them and she was captured by the Fifth Brother and threatened when Ezra was refusing to talk.

Thankfully, with Zeb's help, Sabine and Ezra escaped and she helped cover their escape by opening fire on the Inquisitors, forcing the Brother to deflect her shots, and insuring he and his partner, the Seventh Sister, lost their quarry.

Garazeb Orrelios

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Zeb first encountered the Fifth Brother and then his partner the Seventh Sister during a run for medical supplies with Ezra, Sabine and Chopper. He and Sabine tried to get the drop on the Fifth Brother, who sensed their ambush and turned it against them. With some creative thinking, Zeb rescued his friends from the Inquisitors, but would meet them again.

Alongside Kanan to defend two Force-sensitive children, Zeb bravely faced the Inquisitors, grappling with the Brother, who used the Force to hurtle him against the wall. After a chase through the streets, Zeb and his friends were saved by the arrival of Ahsoka Tano, who easily outfought both Inquisitors and they all made their escape.


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