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Force Visions are an aspect of The Force, which allows for the ability to foresee the future, or even as some manifestation that the seer must determine to interpret its meaning.

It is indeed quite rare for one to truly understand the visions the living Force provides users with. And just as it is hard for one to truly grasp the extent of the Force, it is hard for the receiver to interpret the visions as they don't ever have one meaning. Relying on these visions never lead to good outcomes as pointed out by former Jedi Grandmaster Yoda.

Visions of the future were rare, and never entirely accurate, as the future was always in motion. They could come randomly to any Force user or one could meditate in an effort to foresee a future event at will.

Ezra Bridger first experienced a Force Vision when he foresaw the senator, Gall Trayvis, who appeared to know about Ezra's parents. However, Ezra placed too much faith in his vision and was shocked to find out Trayvis was really an Imperial agent routing rebels.

He would experience another, in which he saw a white Loth-cat, and his parents within a cell. Following this vision led him back to Lothal, where he followed the white Loth-cat to the former Governor of Lothal, Ryder Azadi, who sadly revealed to Ezra that last night (the same time Ezra experienced the vision) his parents led a prison breakout, during which they lost their lives to help others escape.

Ezra had one last vision of his parents, standing by his side, encouraging him to have hope and to keep fighting for others.


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