The Gorse Conflict was a conflict between a small group of rebels on Gorse and its moon, Cynda, and the Empire, which was represented by the ambitious industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian. After learning that Vidian was visiting the Gorse System, the rebel, Hera Syndulla traveled there to tail the Count. In an attempt to meet the Emperor's new thorilide quota and to discredit his rival Baron Lero Danthe, Denetrius decided to detonate Cynda under the pretext of accessing the moon's substantial thorilide resources.

In response, Hera forged an informal rebel cell consisting of the dissident miner Skelly, the former Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus, and the former surveillance operator Zaluna Myder to stop the Count. After learning that Denetrius had tampered with his research on Cynda's detonation, the rebels were able to convince the Imperial Captain Rae Sloane that Denetrius's destruction of Cynda would cause the moon's thorilide crystals to disintegration. Sharing a common enemy, the rebels and Sloane took action to stop Denetrius's plan. The Count was killed during a fiery showdown above Cynda. Due to the rebels' actions and Sloane's "help", Cynda was saved from destruction.



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