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Hera Syndulla
Hera Syndulla transparent 1
Background Information
First Appearance: The Machine in the Ghost
Last Appearance:
Portrayed by: Vanessa Marshall
Character Information
Full Name
Other Names: Spectre 2
Personality: Headstrong, nurturing
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Ryloth
Occupation/Rank: Pilot
Affiliation: Rebellion
If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing.
―Hera, to Ezra[src]

Hera Syndulla (codenamed Spectre 2) was a female Twi'lek rebel, and the owner of the Ghost.


The Machine in the GhostEdit

After raiding an Imperial supply depot, the lives of the Ghost's crew were left in jeopardy, with four TIE Fighters circling the ship. After taking a hit, the ship's comms and shields were fried. Hera then sent Chopper to fix the shields. Moments later, the comms between Hera and Kanan were disabled. Hera then sent Chopper to fix the connection, leaving the shields still down, and to tell Kanan to shoot better.

When Chopper arrived below Kanan's turret, he was sent back to Hera to finish fix the shields, as well as to tell Hera to "fly better".

Back in the cockpit, Hera took Kanan's remark to heart, and proceeded to carry out some difficult maneuvers. After evading the fighters, Hera used the ship's nose turret to take out a TIE Fighter, reducing Kanan's targets by half. After finishing off the last Fighter, the three of them met in the ship's cockpit, where they praised each other's shooting.

Spark of RebellionEdit

Hera showed up with the Ghost after her fellow Rebels stole Imperial crates from the Empire and picked up a passenger. Hera was impressed with what Kanan told her about Ezra and suspected that he maybe force-sensitive. With four TIE Fighters on their tail, Hera piloted the Ghost out into space and once clear made the jump to lightspeed.

Soon after losing the TIEs, the Rebels returned to Lothal and landed near Tarkintown where Hera and Kanan delivered a crate of blasters to criminal boss Cikatro Vizago, who gave them some Intel on an Imperial Transport carrying Wookiee Prisoners to an unknown slave labor camp. The Rebels arrived at the Imperial Transport Hera brought the Ghost alongside, telling the Imperials they had orders to transfer an additional Wookiee Prisoner. As Kanan, Zeb, Sabine and Chopper went aboard, Hera along with Ezra stayed with the ship where they spotted an incoming Star Destroyer. Hera told Ezra he needed to go and warn the others but didn't feel he could and insisted they make a run for it while they could. In the end he reluctantly went aboard the transport ship to warn them after Hera gave him some encouragement to risk his life for others.

Thanks to Ezra, the Rebels made it back to the ship and escaped. However when Zeb told the crew he left Ezra behind, Hera said they should rescue him as she knew they were responsible for getting him involved. Zeb and Sabine were not keen on rescuing him, knowing the Empire would be waiting for them but Chopper voted with Hera and with Kanan's deciding vote they went back to rescue him.

Hera piloted the Ghost aboard the Star Destroyer undetected and the Rebels were able to find Ezra and escape to hyperspace with intel on where exactly the Wookiee prisoners were. She set course for Kessel and upon arriving opened fire on the Imperials giving her fellow Rebels a clear path. However they were ambushed by the Imperials and Hera had to retreat with TIE Fighters opening fire on her ship. Hera flew away in order to lose the TIEs and later returned to pick of the others.

After sending the Wookiees on their way, the Rebels returned Ezra to Lothal but later chose to join the crew after being given a choice to join their Rebellion and learn the ways of the Jedi.

Fighter FlightEdit

After making a mess in the cargo hold of the Ghost, Hera decided to send Zeb and Ezra on an errand run in the town of Kothal. Among the items Hera requested was a meiloorun, a fruit not naturally found on Lothal. Because of its rarity, Hera hoped Ezra and Zeb would be gone longer, leaving her and Kanan some time to relax.

Some time later, Hera received a call from Zeb, who had stolen a TIE Fighter. Kanan then instructed them to hurry to the rendezvous point. When Ezra and Zeb failed to return in time, Hera began to worry. Thankfully, the two eventually returned. After hearing them out, the entire crew boarded the Ghost.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hera acts like the mother of all of the crew of the Ghost. Whenever new members joined she took them under her wing and protected them. Hera had a kind heart but could be very aggressive against the Stormtroopers and other members who work for the Empire.

Having been inspired by her father, Hera has a strong dedication to the Rebel cause, such that she is willing (albeit hesitantly) to give up on crew members if they willfully sacrifice themselves, but she can be persuaded otherwise if there is hope.

Hera is careful, alert, and shrewd, such as when she noticed the behavior of Gall Trayvis and correctly deduced he was an Imperial spy and tricked him with an empty blaster.

While she cares for her crew-mates, Hera has little patience for nonsense and infighting, opting to either be a peacekeeper among her crew or force them to work together in situations where they can't afford to mess up. Still she's not above pulling a prank herself when she warned Ezra and Zeb not to return from a supply run without a fruit that didn't grow on Lothal.

Weapons and GearEdit


Hera's blaster.

Hera mainly used a Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster when fighting the Empire.

She mainly wore a tight orange jumpsuit and a pair of flight goggles on the top of her head as she was the Rebels' pilot.


Kanan JarrusEdit

Main article: Kanan Jarrus

Hera met Kanan on the planet Gorse after scouting for information on the Empire's activity on the planet. The two joined forces and became the leaders of a rebel cell based on Lothal.

Sabine WrenEdit

Main article: Sabine Wren

Hera is like a mother to Sabine. Hera has always supported Sabine and cares for her like a daughter.

Ezra BridgerEdit

Main article: Ezra Bridger

Ezra and Hera seemed to have a son and mother bond.

Cham SyndullaEdit

Hera is the daughter of the twi'lek Rebel leader Cham Syndulla from Ryloth during the Clone Wars.


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