Jho, often referred to as Old Jho, was a male Ithorian and a resident of Jhothal, Lothal.



Jho was the owner of Old Jho's Pit Stop, a small settlement, that welcomed the Lothal rebels. He was a friend of the rebel crew of the Ghost, who would occasionally use his settlement as a safe haven.

Empire Day

On the Empire's fifteenth anniversary, three TIE Pilots came into his bar looking at a certain Rodian known as Tseebo. One of the Pilots demanded Jho to put on the HoloNet broadcast, to honor Empire Day. Jho reluctantly did what he was told and when they left, he told the Rebels about the entire planet being placed on lock down because of their search for Tseebo.

Helping the Ghost Crew

He is seen talking to Kanan Jarrus for a job to receive some credits. Jho told him, Zeb is playing Sabacc game with a mysterious person. Then the person was revealed to be Lando Calrissian.

Later, Chopper displayed a hologram of Old Jho who informs them that someone is here and demands to speak to them and did not take no as an answer. Minister Tua then comes in the hologram begging for the rebels' aid.

Jho later joined the Lothal Rebels along with Ryder Azadi and Morad and Marida Sumar, and welcomed Kanan and Ezra Bridger when the pair returned to Lothal to scout in preparation for a Rebellion attack on the Lothal Imperial Factory.


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