The relationships of Kalani.


Captain Rex

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As a Clone Trooper, Rex was a living representation of the Galactic Republic, which Kalani was programmed to perceive as an enemy to defeat. As a Separatist Droid, Kalani was a reminder to Rex of all his clone brothers who'd died at the hands and blaster-fire of battle droids. As such, the two would view each other as personal enemies, both obsessed with proving to the other that their side was superior.

After Ezra pointed out their common enemy in the form of the Empire, Kalani and Rex found middle ground and even came to respect each other, especially after they successfully escaped their Imperial enemies and part ways on amicable terms.

Ezra Bridger

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Since Ezra was born right after the Clone Wars ended, he had no true animosity towards Kalani or his battle droid forces except for being held against his will and strong armed into playing Kalani's war game. Still, Ezra was able to convince Kalani (and Rex) that neither of their sides had ever truly won the Clone War and that instead they shared a common enemy in the form of the Empire. Kalani agreed to Ezra's logic and worked with him and Rex, Kanan, and Zeb to escape their Imperial enemies and part on amicable terms.


Saw Gerrera

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