Astrographical information
Region: Outer Rim
System: Lothal System
Suns: 1
Moons: 2
Physical information
Primary Terrain: Terrestrial
Places of interest: Capital City
Tarkintown (Destroyed)
Ezra's Tower
Imperial Academy
Bridgers' House (Destroyed)
Lothal Senate Building
Ryder's Hideout
Societal information
Inhabitants: Human
Affiliations: Galactic Republic (Formerly)
Galactic Empire (Formerly)

Lothal was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was home to Capital City, which eventually became a battleground between the Galactic Empire and a small band of rebels.

The planet's economy was largely based around its vast assortment of minerals, which came from its unique rock formations.


Capital City

The city center of all trade on Lothal, Capital City hosted the Imperial Command Center, government facilities, and an Imperial Academy used to train aspiring Stormtroopers.


Kothal was a trading-affiliated settlement, comprised mostly of vendors. Following the Imperials' arrival on the planet, the settlement was frequently visited by Imperial Troop Transports, which would carry supplies in and out of the village.


Located far from Capital City, Jhothal was a small village. Located at the heart of the settlement was Old Jho's Pit Stop, a cantina. After Lothal was placed in a full lockdown, Old Jho was killed and his cantina was now the property of Valen Rudor.


Oppression under the Empire

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, Capital City entered a state of economic despair. The planet's inhabitants invited the Empire, on the promise of prosperity and security. Following its takeover, the Empire largely restricted the planet's inhabitants, occupations were limited, with the only options being to join the stormtrooper corps, enlist in Imperial pilot flight school, or work in the capital's Sienar Fleet Systems factory, building TIE Fighters. In addition to these restrictions, the Empire began to replace farms with factories, polluting the planet.

The Empire also managed to gain intel on the planet's inhabitants, through the "Citizen Registration Program", where citizens would be offered a job in exchange for said person's personal info.

Needless to say, a rebellion began to grow, as the local inhabitants grew unsatisfied with the Empire's practices. Among the most prominent to speak out were Ephraim Bridger and his wife Mira, who used pirate hyperspace transmissions to encourage resistance to the Empire. The pair were supported by Ryder Azadi, the Governor of Lothal at that time; unfortunately all three were imprisoned as a result, and Azadi was replaced by Arihnda Pryce. According to Prime Minister Maketh Tua, the Empire had additional motivation for occupying Lothal beyond what was publicly known.

Rebel Target

After establishing themselves on Atollon, Phoenix Squadron set their sights on establishing a strike fleet in order to strike at the Imperial factory on Lothal.


The planet was later placed under full lockdown. Jho was killed and his bar was taken over by the Empire. The planet was also subject to orbital bombardment, killing millions of beings.

Behind the scenes

After's reveal of the planet Lothal and its Sienar factory, a website called was launched. It consists of only an image, presented as an advert/propaganda poster for Sienar Fleet Systems on Lothal. This image was later changed, to one covered in graffiti.


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