The Lothal Imperial Academy was a training complex of the Galactic Empire's on Lothal, intended to train Cadets preparing to become Stormtroopers.

Training on Lothal was overseen by Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko and Taskmaster Myles Grint. Ezra Bridger once infiltrated the Academy posing as a recruit to steal an Imperial decoder.


Agent Kallus' office

One room in the Lothal academy had been under the residence of Agent Kallus, a high-ranking member of the Imperial Security Bureau.

The Well

Located in the main hangar, the Well was a pit arena where cadets had to climb out at timing speeds. The first three to climb out would be declared the winners.

The key to climb out of the Well was to jump from platform to platform, as they moved about and to make things more challenging each moving platform was armed with a harmless electrical shock trap, to keep them up to pace. Later tests, would involve using blasters to activate the platforms necessary to climb out, and winning at all costs was encouraged that led cadets to even shoot each other.



Season One

Season Two

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