Marida Sumar was the wife of Morad Sumar on Lothal. They were captured by Supply Master Yogar Lyste after refusing to sell the Empire their farm but were soon rescued by Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios.


Imprisoned by the Empire

She and her husband owned a farm near the city of Kothal. Her husband made a living by selling jogan fruits at a stall in the Kothal market. That year, the Imperial Supply Master Yogar Lyste wanted to buy their farm but Morad refused to sell their livelihood to the Empire. Unwilling to let the matter rest, Lyste visited the farm with three Imperial Troop Transports and several stormtroopers. After razing the farm, Lyste loaded Marida, her husband, and their Aqualish servant onto the side compartments of a Troop Transport.

While traveling through the grassy plains of Lothal, the Sumars and their Imperial captors encountered a TIE fighter that had been commandeered by Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios, the former a friend of Marida's husband. While the Imperials exchanged fire with the rebel TIE fighter, Ezra managed to board the middle transport. Using the Force, he freed Marida, her husband, and their Aqualish servant from their restraints. Marida, Morad, and their servant then managed to flee into the plains while Ezra and Zeb engaged the Imperials and escaped with a crate of meiloorun fruit.

Helping the Rebels

The Sumars later joined the Lothal Rebels under Ryder Azadi, working to undermine the Imperial occupation; Marida later participated in an attack meant to enable Ezra and his master Kanan Jarrus to escape from the Lothal Imperial Factory. Showing aptitude with a missile launcher, Marida was able to greet the two Jedi upon their escape, but was then informed that Morad had died during their infiltration effort. Later, she and her comrades gathered in Old Jho's Pit Stop to watch Mon Mothma's message to rebels across the galaxy.


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