Hera, that freighter's going to be gone and the cargo with it, take your shot!
―Kanan's frustration[src]
The Ghost Crew undertook a mission to locate and destroy a powerful Kyber Crystal held by the Empire. In order to locate it, the rebels required an Imperial decoder from the office of Agent Kallus inside the Imperial Headquarters located on Lothal. To gain access to Imperial Headquarters, Ezra Bridger was tasked with infiltrating the Imperial Academy in order to steal the decoder. He spent several weeks in academy, during which time he was trained by the Imperial Army. He finally located the decoder and stole it with the help of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, who also held rebel sympathies after his sister, cadet Dhara Leonis, disappeared from the academy.

Ezra provided the decoder to the rest of the crew, allowing Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla to go to the coordinates of the kyber crystal. While they did so, Ezra remained behind in order to save fellow cadet Jai Kell, who was in danger from The Grand Inquisitor after showing signs of Force sensitivity. Zare and Jai commandeered an All Terrain Defense Pod in order to assist in their escape, and the three were able to make it out of the academy before the Inquisitor arrived. Ezra and Jai fled, but Zare remained in order to find out more about his sister, under the official pretense of having tried to stop the other two. Meanwhile, Kanan and Hera tracked down the Imperial convoy carrying the kyber crystal and destroyed it. In the aftermath of the mission, Ezra returned to the crew, Jai went into hiding, and Zare was brought before the Inquisitor to tell him about Ezra.


Season One

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