I feel....cold.
―Ezra notices Vader's presence[src]
The Siege of Lothal 25
The Crew of the Ghost undertook a Mission to Lothal, where they assisted Minister Maketh Tua in defecting from the Empire. It ended in failure when Minister Tua was killed when her shuttle exploded and murdered her. Her death would end up being blamed on the Rebels.


After the Crew of the Ghost helped their fellow Rebel cells win against the Imperial forces during an important battle, Darth Vader wanted the Rebels found and dealt with. However, Minister Maketh Tua stated that the Sith Lord and Grand Moff Tarkin were asking for miracles to happen and that she never had an reason to use the brutal tactics Vader was speaking of. Vader then ordered Tua to visit Tarkin and then explain her problems to him.

Knowing her fate, Tua decided to contact the Crew of the Ghost, and ask them for help. In return for helping her, she would defect to the Rebellion and give them Imperial information as proof. Although they were reluctant at first, Ezra convinced the rest of the crew that Tua was being sincere to them, causing them to decide to help her escape from Lothal.

As the Ghost could now be traced, the crew took a different shuttle to Lothal and noticed Tua being escorted by Agent Kallus. After a fight with the Rebels, Kallus blew up the shuttle with Tua on board, killing her. Afterward, the Empire blamed Tua's death on the Rebels to turn the people of Lothal against them. Vader told Kallus to search for the Rebels and he deployed a strange new TIE model similar to the TIE Bomber to search for them. After they left, the Rebels stayed with the Rebel Fleet.


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