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Kanan versus Inquisitor
The Duel on Stygeon Prime was a confrontation in The Spire, a prison on Stygeon Prime, between the Galactic Empire and the Ghost Crew who carried out an insurgency against the Empire's rule.


Kanan and Ezra went to Luminara’s cell, only to discover that she was dead and her body was encased inside a coffin.

Worst of all they were caught off guard by the Empire’s Inquisitor, revealing the mission to be a trap set to lure any surviving Jedi to their ends, using Luminara’s remains as bait. As the Inquisitor engaged Kanan in a lightsaber duel, he recognized his fighting skills from his teachings with Jedi Master Depa Billaba and began to mock him about how such a poor student he was when he was still an apprentice.

He later offered Ezra a choice to join the Dark Side of the Force since Kanan lacked the ways of the Jedi. Ezra refused the offer and just before the Inquisitor could kill him, Kanan held him back with the Force, giving them both time to run and regroup with Zeb and Sabine.


Season One

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