You're both going down!
―Oleg, to fellow cadets Ezra and Jai[src]

Nazhros Oleg was a cadet at the Imperial Academy on Lothal, who relished the opportunity to serve the Empire as a Stormtrooper.



Oleg took an immediate disliking to Ezra Bridger, a rebel who was undercover, and was determined to defeat his rival in the physical assessment programs. Ultimately, Ezra and his allies, Jai Kell and Zare Leonis proved too skillful for Oleg to eclipse.

Breaking Ranks

When he failed to win the first trial, he took it very personally and was placed under the command of Taskmaster Grint, who taught him a thing or two about how the Empire did not take kindly to failure; victory must be accomplished at all costs. Oleg took his teachings to heart and during the second trial he deliberately shot at his fellow cadets and forced them off the panels in order to win. He was an example that in war there are no friendships, just victory.

Oleg was present with Jai and Zare aboard the AT-DP walker when they shot the Imperial Combat Driver with a non-lethal stun charge. Oleg tried to apprehend them single handed, until Zare stunned him.

A series of events eventually led to Oleg being expelled from the academy.


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Season 1


  • He is voiced by Eric Lopez.
  • Oleg appears to have a blank white head and neck. He did not remove his helmet in his debut episode; but when he is shot near the end of the episode, part of his head becomes visible; he does not seem to have any sort of facial features whatsoever. This was likely done to lower costs for unnecessary animation.
  • Oleg's first name was revealed in the young reader novel, Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks.