PZ-7 was a feminine RA-7 protocol droid who served the Galactic Empire in the year 2 BBY, during which she was an inventory droid at Killun Station, an Imperial Security Bureau base located on Killun-71.


PZ-7 was a feminine-programmed Protocol Droid. She served the Imperial Security Bureau of the Galactic Empire at one of their bases, Killun Station, located on Killun-71, where she worked as an inventory droid on the level of the facility that housed its Central Computer Core.

Phoenix Squadron made plans to destroy the Imperial factory on Lothal with the aid of another rebel cell. Before they could initiate their attack, however, they required clearance codes for Lothal which could be accessed from Killun Station. To retrieve the codes, they dispatched rebels Wedge Antilles, AP-5, and C1-10P to the Security Bureau base.

Once the rebels managed to enter Killun Station, AP-5 made his way to the Central Computer Core, where the clearance codes were held. Before he could enter the room in which the core was located, however, he was stopped by PZ-7, who noted that she had not received word of a second inventory droid assigned to that level. In order to keep his cover AP-5 devised a lie, telling PZ-7 that she had been reassigned to Killun Station's cargo platform, and that he was replacing her. PZ-7 told AP-5 that she understood and departed for her new posting, allowing him to retrieve the codes for the rebellion from the Central Computer Core.

Personality and Traits

A loyal Imperial droid, PZ-7 was quick to stop AP-5 and question why he was on the level she had been stationed at in Killun Station. She did, however, fall for his trick that she had been reassigned elsewhere, and expressed no doubt in the validity of his fib. Once she departed for the base's cargo platform, AP-5 remarked to himself that he could not believe he was the same model as "that Imperial drone."


Season Three


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