This page is about the title of Phoenix Leader. You may be looking for the character who formerly held this rank.
REB 207 10908

Hera Syndulla was promoted to Phoenix Leader after the blockade of Ibaar.

Phoenix Leader was the callsign given to the leader of Phoenix Squadron, group of A-Wing Starfighters attached to a rebel cell led by Commander Jun Sato. During the blockade of Ibaar, Phoenix Squadron attempted and failed to deliver relief supplies to the starving inhabitants of the planet. During the attempt, the original Phoenix Leader was killed.

On the second attempt, Hera Syndulla, rebel pilot of the Ghost, flew a prototype B-Wing Starfighter and used its heavy weaponry to break through the blockade. For her exceptional piloting and leadership on this mission, Sato elevated her to the rank of Phoenix Leader.


Season Two

Season Three

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