The relationships of R2-D2.



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Rebels Droids 7

R2 and C-3PO

R2 and C-3PO were best friends. The two of them had been on countless adventures together. Several of these adventures took place during the Clone Wars, in which both droids participated in. While they were usually on good terms, the two often got in small disagreements.

Ahsoka Tano

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Chopper VS Artoo

R2 and Chopper.

R2 and Chopper became nemeses almost immediately, due to their differences in attitude. But even with their different personalities, R2 followed Chopper on board the Ghost because he knew Chopper would be an ally.


Anakin Skywalker

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Before Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, R2 was Anakin's astromech and a good friend. Anakin and R2 first met when Anakin was 9 years old on Tatooine. During the Clone Wars R2 went missing and Anakin went to great lengths to get him back.

R2 was deeply upset when Anakin turned to the Dark Side and never revealed the friendship they once shared to anyone.

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