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"Rebel Resolve" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. it premiered on and the WatchDisneyXD app on February 16, 2015, before making its television debut on February 23.

This episode is the first instalment of a multi-part storyline and continues where "Call to Action" left off.

Plot summary

As the Imperials continued their search for the Rebels, Ezra, Sabine, Chopper and Zeb took control of an AT-DP Walker on patrol, in hopes of hacking into the Imperial network and find out where the Empire was keeping Kanan. Unfortunately because they destroyed their communications tower, the entire Imperial data network was down. Just then two more Walkers showed up and opened fire on the Rebels. They headed for the town's western boarder where Hera would show up with a pick up. Zeb did his best in returning the fire of the pursuing Walker but ended up nearly falling off. After Sabine got word that Hera was soon to show up, she instructed everyone to get on top of the Walker. Chopper however ignored the order to retreat and remained plugged into the Walker's terminal, hoping to find an alternative that would find Kanan. Soon Hera showed in the Phantom and picked up Ezra, Sabine and Zeb just as the other Walker showed up ahead of them. When they realized Chopper was still in the Walker, Zeb went back to retrieve him just before the attacking Walker blew it up.

Rebel resolve 9

Hera speaking with Fulcrum.

After returning safely to the Ghost, Hera got word from Fulcrum that the transmission they sent out has caught a lot of attention, not just from civilians, but the highest levels of the Empire. Concerned for the safety of the Rebellion, Fulcrum told Hera they could not continue their search for Kanan and must go into hiding. When Hera shared what Fulcrum had told her, Ezra was the first to object to the idea of quitting on Kanan and since Hera had made her decision, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With Chopper keeping Hera distracted, Ezra, Sabine and Zeb hijacked the Phantom and head out to find Vizago.

The Rebels arrive at Vizago's ship. At first Vizago refused to help them find Kanan, because their ongoing Rebellion had caught a lot of attention from the Empire which has made things more difficult for him. However, despite Sabine's protests, Ezra managed to get Vizago to change his mind by telling him about Kanan's Jedi identity. He even showed him that he too was a Jedi by using the force to levitate a crate over his head. Satisfied with what he has seen, Vizago brought Ezra aboard his ship for a private conversation. He revealed to Ezra that since the Empire destroyed their communications tower, they no longer had long range communication and were now using droid couriers that took data from the city up to their communications ship in orbit. Data that could possibly help the Rebels find Kanan. With their meeting over, Ezra left the ship and found Sabine and Zeb with Hera, who was very disappointed with all three of them. She remained furious as they return to the Ghost, she gave them an order to abort the search and they disobeyed her but Ezra couldn't care less about that because he refused to give up on Kanan and so did everyone else. Seeing that they wouldn't stand by and leave Kanan to die, Hera finally rejoined the search and asked what Ezra found out from Vizago.

The Rebels plan was to intercept one of the Empire's courier droids that get sent to and from the orbiting communications ship and send Chopper in it's place so he could hack into their network and find out where the Imperials were keeping Kanan. After capturing the courier droid and taking out its escort, Chopper boarded the waiting shuttle in his place, disguised as an Imperial droid. The shuttle soon took off and headed for the orbiting communications ship. Soon after boarding, Chopper arrived on the bridge and began hacking into the Imperial Network, but started to catch some unwanted attention from the Imperials.

Rebel resolve 57

The Rebels discover where the Empire is taking Kanan.

As soon as Chopper downloaded what he was looking for, he signaled the Rebels to open fire and attack the communications ship, giving him time to escape. He headed for one of the airlocks and allowed himself to get sucked into the vacuum of space with four Stormtroopers behind him. Now in space, Chopper jetted away to the Ghost and flew through the bomb bay doors as the Rebels headed back down to Lothal. With the Intel they have, they discovered the Imperials were planning to send Kanan to Mustafar System and to Hera, it was where the Jedi go to die.







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  • This is the second time Chopper is seen disguised as an Imperial droid, the first having been in "Breaking Ranks".
  • Fulcrum makes an appearance in this episode, as a holographic projection and hooded.
  • Vizago makes his third appearance in the series since "Droids in Distress".
  • The Mustafar System from Revenge of the Sith is mentioned in this episode.
  • The IT-O Interrogator droid from A New Hope makes an appearance in this episode.
    • Like Princess Leia in A New Hope, Kanan is subjected to mind probes.
  • This marks the debut of the Imperial light cruiser, a reworking of the Jedi light cruiser seen in The Clone Wars series.
  • Among the prisoners listed on the light cruiser's display screen were the "Wookiee Jam Crew", an in-joke from the production team.
  • The Imperial crewmen have their hats pulled low to conceal the fact that they all share the same animation model.
  • Cikatro Vizago's transport, the Broken Horn, makes its first appearance in this episode.
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