The Shadow Caster was a starship that was owned by Ketsu Onyo, which she used on assignments she received from the Black Sun.


Ketsu traveled to Garel in the Shadow Caster. There, she attempted to collect a bounty on the GNK Power Droid EG-86 but instead clashed with her former friend Sabine Wren, who had joined the Ghost Crew, which was part of the Rebellion. After Sabine and her astromech droid companion C1-10P managed to escape with EG-86 on a stolen GX1 Short Hauler, Ketsu used the Shadow Caster to pursue them and managed to knock out their hyperdrive. She also blasted their blast door open, causing Chopper to get sucked out into the vacuum of space.

Ketsu then brought the Shadow Caster face-to-face with Sabine's ship and demanded that she relinquish the droid or she would blast them. While Sabine distracted her with idle chatter, Chopper snuck up from behind and sabotaged the starship's triple laser turrent; preventing Ketsu from opening fire on Sabine. Sabine then took the opportunity to escape but Ketsu managed to capture Chopper with her ship's tractor beam projector. Taking Chopper hostage, she reiterated her demands for EG-86 and threatened to destroy the astromech droid if her demands were not met. The Shadow Caster then docked beside Sabine's stolen ship and extended a docking ring to "negotiate" with Sabine. Following a conversation, Sabine forgave Ketsu and the two former friends reconciled.

Shortly later, an Imperial Light Cruiser stumbled upon the two ships and announced its intentions to board them. Sabine then hatched an escape plan which involved overloading the short hauler's hyperdrive while everyone else fled aboard the Shadow Caster. This ruse worked and Ketsu along with Sabine, Chopper, and EG-86 were able to escape on the Shadow Caster before the short hauler exploded and damaged the Imperial cruiser. Ketsu and the rebels then flew the Shadow Caster to Havoc Outpost where they passed EG-86 to a group of rebels that included R2-D2. Having completed their mission, Ketsu dropped off her rebel friends back at Garel before parting company.

A year later, Ketsu used the Shadow Caster to assist in the defense of the Rebel Fleet, which had come under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine. When Konstantine ordered his TIE Fighters to stop the Ghost from delivering fuel to Phoenix Nest, Ketsu used the Shadow Caster to clear a path for the Ghost to land and unload its fuel. This enabled the fighter carrier and the rest of the Rebel Fleet to flee to the planet Atollon, with the help of information from Chopper and his friend, the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5.


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Season Two


  • The Shadow Caster's design is a remodel of the Banshee (the personal ship of Asajj Ventress from Star Wars: The Clone Wars), which was itself based off of early concept art for Republic Gunships in Attack of the Clones.

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