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Star Wars Rebels is an upcoming animated television series, with Disney XD as its primary television broadcaster. It is currently scheduled for an October 2014 release.

Dave Filoni (supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars) returns as Executive Producer, with Simon Kinberg and Greg Weisman.


The story is set soon after the rise of the Galactic Empire.


Ezra Bridger

On the planet Lothal, an oppression has fallen over the residents of Capital City, at the hands of the Empire. Among these residents is a force-sensitive 14-year old, named Ezra Bridger. Following the sudden disappearance of his parents, Ezra was left an orphan. Ezra eventually took up residence in an abandoned tower, and resorted to stealing to survive. This thievery extended to the Empire, whom he would occasionally steal helmets from.

The crew of the Ghost

The crew of the Ghost

One day, Ezra encountered the crew of the Ghost, a group of rebels. The group was led by Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi in hiding. Interested, Ezra watched as the rebels secretly sabotaged an Imperial speeder, before stealing some supplies. Ezra then attempted to steal the supplies for himself, unsuccessfully. Ezra eventually joins the crew of the Ghost, leaving his life as a street rat behind.

Ezra w-lightsaber

Ezra begins his Jedi training, as Kanan's padawan.

It isn't long before Kanan learns of Ezra's force potential. Kanan offers to train Ezra in the ways of the force, to Ezra's approval. Overtime, the Ghost's crew forms the foundation of the Rebellion, striking blows against the Empire. Unfortunately, the rebels are being tracked down by an Imperial ISB agent, named Kallus. In addition to Kallus, the crew is also being pursued by The Inquisitor, also known as the Jedi hunter.


Star Wars Rebels's pilot will premiere on Disney Channel during October of 2014, with a one-hour special written by Simon Kinberg. Afterwards, weekly episodes are expected to air on Disney XD.


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  • Dave Filoni as Excecutive Producer [1]
  • Greg Weisman as Executive Producer [2]
  • Simon Kimberg as Excecutive Producer [3]
  • Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger [4]
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Kanan Jarrus [5]
  • Tiya Sircar as Sabine [6]
  • Steve Blum as Zeb Orrelios [7]

Trivia Edit

Ralph mcquarrie concept art heroes

Ralph Mcqurrie's concept art, which later became the inspiration for the crew of the Ghost.

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