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Star Wars Rebels is an upcoming animated television series, with Disney XD as its primary television broadcaster. It is scheduled for a Fall 2014 release.

Dave Filoni (supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars) returns as Executive Producer, with Simon Kinberg and Greg Weisman.


The story takes place between 19 BBY and 0 BBY, during the rise of the Galactic Empire. It follows the crew of the Ghost, as they form the foundation of the Rebellion.


Star Wars Rebels's pilot will premiere on Disney Channel during the Fall of 2014, with a one hour special written by Simon Kinberg. Afterwards, weekly episodes are expected to air on Disney XD.





  • Dave Filoni as Excecutive Producer [1]
  • Greg Weisman as Executive Producer [2]
  • Simon Kimberg as Excecutive Producer [3]
  • Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger [4]
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Kanan Jarrus [5]
  • Tiya Sircar as Sabine [6]
  • Steve Blum as Zeb Orrelios [7]

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