Tápusk was a Kalleran that resided on the planet Kaller after the Clone Wars.


Following Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars, Tápusk and several others worked as a crew on board the Kasmiri under fellow Kalleran smuggler Janus Kasmir. Following one of their jobs, Tápusk and the crew then confronted Kasmir about cheating them on a deal. As he and his crew were about to kill Kasmir, they were taken by surprise by Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume. After his men were subdued, Tápusk ran away from Kasmir and Dume. As payback, he informed Kaller's governor, Gamut Key, about his theft of IG-RM droids. Tápusk then identified Kasmir's partner as a Jedi. However, after contacting the clones, Tápusk and Key lost Dume when Kasmir and his IG-RM droids broke him out.