Hands up! You rebel scum.
―TK-626 to Sabine Wren, while the latter vandalizes a TIE Fighter[src]

TK-626 was a male stormtrooper, who served at a TIE Fighter depot on Lothal.


Rebel Attack on a TIE Depot

One night, while on duty, TK-626 and a fellow stormtrooper heard a strange sound coming from one of the docked fighters. They discovered a female Mandalorian, Sabine Wren, spray-painting a Rebel symbol on one of the fighter's panels. He ordered her to stand down, but Sabine eluded them. TK-626 then reported the intruder to his superiors. He eventually caught up to Sabine, but was unexpectedly hit by a Paint Bomb planted by Sabine onto a TIE Fighter. The explosion covered the trooper and his fellow soldiers in paint.

Pursuing Garazeb Orrellios

TK-626 along with other Stormtroopers after Zeb knocked two Stormtroopers after they were about arrested a citizen for "bribery".

Second Rebel Attack on a TIE Depot

Not again.
―TK-626 about Sabine blowing the TIE Depot again.[src]

TK-626 again was patrolling a TIE Fighter Depot after Sabine Wren returns to distract them as 626 reported and sounded the alarm that Sabine the "artist" returned. This was a distraction so Ezra Bridger and Zeb could hijack a transport. 626 again failed and the TIE Depot exploded again, before which he commented "not again" and ordered everyone to evacuate.



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