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Ezra using Telekinesis.

Telekinesis is the Force power that enables Force users to move objects and people around them with their minds and force of will, and could be applied in various ways.

The Force Push was one of these applications, which was using the Force to create a telekinetic pulse that pushes obstacles or even people backwards, sometimes even sending them flying a varying distance, such as when Ezra first used the ability to save Zeb from Kallus by pushing the agent away from the Lasat. The Force Push was also known to be used as a Force "slingshot" as shown in "Homecoming"

The Force Pull was another, allowing a Force user to telekinetically pull an object to their grasp, as Ezra did when he pulled Kanan's lightsaber from the Inquisitor's belt to his hand.

The Force Jump was using the Force to allow a Force user to jump higher than they were naturally able.

A similar ability was Force Speed, allowing a Force user to run much faster than they naturally could for short moments.

Telekinesis is literally mind over matter, in that a Force user could potentially move even large star ships in accordance to their will, which could be achieved by letting go of the distinction of the object's size and mass. This was demonstrated by Vader when he lifted a walker off of himself, and the sheer display of his power sent the Ghost Crew running. Distance, size, mass, weight, precision, magnitude, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits. For many users, it is harder to affect things like a thrown, falling, or flying object, or an object moving with great force of its own. Users can also struggle to suspend a target in their grasp for long. The effect will always wear off eventually, much like the exhaust of stamina or endurance, and the user may be limited on how many times it can be used or how many targets it can be used on.

Besides the supportive benefits of Telekinesis, this power could be used to harm others.

An example was the Dark Side power known as the Force Choke, an ability to apply telekinetic pressure to an individual's throat or internal organs, causing them to choke and, if maintained long enough, death.

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