The relationships of the Bendu.

Kanan Jarrus

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The Bendu and Kanan

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Months after losing his sight (and confidence) to Maul's treachery, Kanan would hear a voice, bidding him to come with the promise of helping him and so found the Bendu.

The Bendu described Kanan's presence as a "violent storm in this quiet world", and that Kanan's imbalance woke the mysterious being from a deep slumber. Kanan expressed his fears and doubts, of Ezra being swayed to the Dark Side and in his own disabilities, and the Bendu opted to teach Kanan to "see" and help him reconnect with the Force while acknowledging his faults but to trust in the Force to guide him, telling him it was his connection to the Force that allows him to see in ways others cannot, that as long as he can see himself then he would never be truly blind. He also dismissed Kanan's idea that an object (the Sith Holocron) could cause someone to turn to evil, stating it was the individual's choice, that rather it was the temptation of power, forbidden knowledge, even the desire to do good that could lead one down that dark path. Under the Bendu's guidance, Kanan found a new way to "see" and found the determination to help his friends.

As a "gift" (and a sign of trust), Kanan left the Sith Holocron in the Bendu's keeping.

Although the Bendu was willing to offer advice and guidance to Kanan, he was furious at him and his rebel allies for bringing war to his planet, refusing to get involved in their conflict due to his indifference. He took great offense to Kanan calling him a coward and decided to bring a storm of destruction on both the rebels and imperials on his planet to destroy them or at least drive them away.

Ezra Bridger

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The Bendu and Thrawn became enemies because the Chiss attacked his homeworld, and the Bendu used his pwoer to rain destruction on rebels and imperials alike on Atollan to destroy them, or at least drive them away. Thrawn was abel to discern the Bendu's position in the storm and ordered him to be shot down.

Approaching the downed Force-Wielder, Thrawn asked him what he was, to which the Bendu replied something more powerful than he could ever hope to destroy. The Bendu then predicted Thrawn's eventual defeat, to which the Chiss responded by shooting at the Bendu with his blaster, only for the Bendu to suddenly vanish, his laughter heard echoing at Thrawn's attempt to kill him.