The Force is everywhere. It surrounds us, and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.
Kanan Jarrus tells Ezra about the Force[src]
Path of the jedi 6

Yoda communes with Ezra Bridger through the Force.

The Force is an energy field and the binding, metaphysical, and ubiquitous power that exists throughout the universe. It is known to many beings and by different names, as are its two sides, and has numerous manifestations. The light side of the Force is known as the "spirit of the galaxy" or Ashla while the dark side is called the Bogan by both the Lasat and the The Bendu. Some beings are born with the innate ability to connect to the Force and make use of its power, which has led to the rise of such organizations as the Jedi and the Sith.


The Force can enhance natural, physical, and mental abilities, including mobility, such as during a "Force jump" or to slow a fall from an otherwise dangerous height and accuracy. Force powers that are demonstrated include telekinesis, telepathy, deep hypnosis, enhanced empathy, which can allow users to control animals, reflexes, precognition, and enhanced speed and resilience. Force users could potentially manipulate even large star ships in accordance to their will, which could be achieved by letting go of the distinction of the object's size, mass, or weight, though this was difficult for most users, and therefore limited uses to simply nudging, pushing, shoving, propelling, striking, pinning, grabbing, restraining or otherwise apply great force on a person without physical contact, usually as a way of attack or telekinetically touching, pressing, grabbing, lifting, summoning, expelling, propelling or levitating small to medium sized objects or mechanisms, the latter being buttons, levers, switches, while some can manipulate internal mechanisms, such as locks.

For most users, limited range, mental stress, overall duress or distress, being physically, emotionally mentally overwhelmed, all forms of pain, disbelief, distraction, confusion, fear, haziness, being stunned or surprised, lack of alertness, physical, mental or emotional unbalance, disorientation, physical or mental fatigue, having strained, weakened impaired, or lack of focus, attention, concentration, visibility, and overall awareness, any and all forms of incapacitation and overexertion, overuse or exhaustion of an ability could limit, weaken, nullify or invalidate the use of such an ability, especially Telekinesis. In the event of exhausting or stressing their powers or themselves, physically or mentally, users have to wait a minimum length of time before they can use it again or refrain from using it until the user regains sobriety and calmness or timed a use of telekinesis well. For advanced uses with less overall effort, the ability is usually accompanied by motion of the eyes or hands, the latter being the most common way to use the power, which can can also limit use of the ability, especially when the user's mind or senses are strained or overwhelmed. Such instances could hamper or limited the use of telekinesis, especially in combat, resulting in Force users resorting to physical combat especially with the use of a lightsaber.

A less tangible manifestation of the Force is the experience of visions, in which the user sees or hears things that are not actually physical through their connection to the Force. This allows skilled Force wielders-such as Yoda or the Bendu-to communicate with others over vast distances; the ability of those involved can also affect whether such a vision includes a visual manifestation or simply a voice heard in one's mind. Visions can also be received from the Force itself, which can provide glimpses of events to come, though these are difficult to interpret.

Force users were also able to influence and control the weak minded by making use of the Jedi Mind Trick. Dark Side users, such as the Inquisitor and Seventh Sister, were shown to be able to forcibly pry into the minds of others and thereby force their victim to either convey information or perform an act. Trained Jedi were more resilient to such probing, while it is unknown if others can resist it as well. For Dark Side users, intense and aggressive feelings such as pain, anger, hatred, frustration and rage enhanced telekinetic strength and intensity, but at the cost of awareness, reaction time, mental strength, and analytical thinking capabilities, as the user was overwhelmed by their intense and controlled feelings and unable to think clearly, especially in combat, which rendered the user vulnerable to enemy's with more emotional and mental control and, therefore a clearer mind.

The Dark Side Of The Force

Gathering Forces 7

Ezra taps into the dark side in an effort to control a Mega Fyrnock.

The dark side fights without mercy, without remorse. If you want to be victorious you need to find the same strength inside you.
Maul explains the Dark Side to Ezra

The Dark Side of the Force, or simply the Dark Side, represented the raw power of the Force that was not practiced by the Jedi, who regarded it as corrupting. Channeling emotions of hatred and vengeance would increase one's connection to the Dark side, corrupting their personality and creating an unstoppable drive for more power. The Sith, practitioners of the Dark Side, wielded their power to gain power and dominance over the galaxy.

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