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You misunderstand. We are no longer interested in buying.
―Yogar Lyste, to Morad Sumar[src]

Lieutenant Yogar Lyste, operating under the number LSM-03, was the Imperial Supply Master on Lothal, who was later promoted to Lieutenant.



Lyste was stationed in Capital City, Lothal. There, he was in charge of keeping track of all weapons shipped in as well as anything produced locally including gear.

Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

Lyste also had a few run-ins with the local rebels, the crew of the Ghost in particular. One such incident involved the sabotage of a speeder bike as well as the theft of a few cargo crates. Despite Lyste and his men's efforts to stop the attack, the rebels were successful in their heist.

Fighter Flight

Some time after the incident that took place in Capital City, Lyste was pursuing some of Lothal's farmers. In an attempt to strengthen the Empire's hold on the planet, he had been tasked with possessing the farmers' land. Among those who resisted was Morad Sumar, a longtime family friend of the Bridgers and their son, Ezra. Following Lyste's failed attempts at bartering with Sumar, the order was given out to destroy their home. Lyste then had Sumar, along with several others, jailed on the sides of an Imperial Troop Transport.

While on his way back to the city, Lyste was accompanied by three other repulsorcraft, one of which contained the farmers. He received a transmission later from a rebel, Garazeb Orrelios, who was disguising himself as "Commander Meiloorun". Zeb ordered Lyste to slow down his transports due to supposed rebel activity in the area. While Lyste slowed down, Zeb's friend Ezra boarded the transport sub rosa in an attempt to free Morad Sumar. However, Lyste's suspicion grew when he noticed Zeb piloting a TIE fighter that had previously been reported as stolen. After Zeb failed to announce what his operating number was, Lyste ordered his men to engage him not long before Bridger as well. Zeb doubled back shortly after in his fighter, keeping the transport's turret busy. Afterwards, Ezra fled on Zeb's stolen TIE fighter having robbed Lyste of his cargo.

A Princess on Lothal


In the aftermath of the Lothal insurgency following the brutal Siege of Lothal, a large number of Imperial troops withdrew from Lothal, resulting in Lyste receiving more responsibility. Becoming a lieutenant and acting captain aboard a light cruiser, he became responsible for monitoring ships going to and from the planet, along with ensuring that no dissident forces returned to disrupt Imperial rule. Unknown to Lyste, the same group of rebels that ignited the insurgency on Lothal had secretly returned to Lothal, slipping past his notice and landing on the surface, in order to rendezvous with the Alderaanian dignitary, Princess Leia Organa, of whom Lyste was skeptical of due to rebel activity and a history of Alderaanian vessels being 'stolen' by rebels. Hoping to avoid such an incident, he implemented as much security as possible by dispatching a stormtrooper detachment and using gravity locks to secure Organa's three Hammerhead cruisers.

As an added security measure, Lyste also brought in two All Terrain Armored Transports to patrol the area. After Organa insisted that Lyste temporarily hand over his own transport for a relief mission, she, along with Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, both disguised as Imperial soldiers, staged a kidnapping of the fifteen-year-old princess. After falling for the ruse, Lyste immediately ordered a scan of the nearby area to find the rebels that Leia was secretly working with. Hoping to seize Organa's vessels for the rebellion, the rebels launched a raid on Lyste's garrison the following evening, in which they managed to "steal" the Hammerheads. Going along with the rebels' plan, Leia threatened to blackmail Lyste for his inept command of the helpless Imperial presence on Lothal unless she was compensated, and he quickly complied to do so without any hesitation. After securing a transport for her, he disdainfully discovered that his own private transport was missing.

An Inside Man

Lyste was later assigned to the Lothal Imperial Factory, where he reported directly to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Through Imperial Eyes

Later, Lyste, along with Kallus, capture a shuttle fleeing from Lothal containing Ezra Bridger (although Lyste is not aware of Bridger's identity) and informs Thrawn. He meets with Kallus, the Colonel Wullf Yularen and is charged to find the rebel spy Fulcrum. In order to protect himself and his friends, Kallus switches his code cylinder with Lyste's and frees Ezra. He then manipulates Lyste by saying that Governor Arihnda Pryce is the traitor. He is convinced of this when he witnesses Pryce fight Kanan and Rex, who are disguised as stormtroopers. He then stuns Pryce and is estatic to have caught the "traitor". He quickly realizes his mistake, however, when Ezra mocks him and reveals he made the wrong choice, finally recognizing Bridger. Before he can fire on Ezra, he is tackled by Kallus who frames him as Fulcrum. The Rebels flee just before Yularen and his soldiers arrive, and Lyste is subsequently arrested.


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